David Brooks Guitar (acoustic & electric), Vocals, Director, Manager

David Brooks

David has been entertaining crowds for many years as the quintessential rock’n’roll guitarist. Along the way he has developed an admirably deft touch on the acoustic as well. Whether it’s legitimate blues, classic Rock’n’roll, or the hottest pop covers, David is proficient and reliable.

Originally from Ft. Worth, Texas, David began playing piano at the age of 13, but when his Uncle Huron brought home that classic Gibson flat top, David’s piano playing days were over! Uncle Huron loved country music – David hated it for about 25 years until he came to have a deep love for that as well. Back then, in Cowtown, USA, David was only interested in pop and Rock’n’roll!

Thoroughly entranced by the Beatles, Stones, Yardbirds, and others, he began to emulate all these amazing guitar sounds. he used to actually slow down the 45 RPM record to 33 1/3 to be able to hear and learn better the riffs and style of great fellow guitarists such as Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, and more. When he saw the Cream at Dallas Memorial Auditorium, he realized Eric Clapton had a ‘slow-hand’, or slow string bend that changed David’s way of playing permanently.

Having had a couple of originals bands early on and, through those experiences, becoming the true ‘starving artist’, David found mush more comfort in cover material and pursues that to the present day. Great classic songs rendered with David’s eclectic arrangements bring a very different and compelling perspective to these great hits.

David’s main interest today is performing for and pleasing the crowds as usual in the Denver Metro area and elsewhere in Colorado. David has expanded his repertoire to cover country, pop, classic rock’n’roll, variety, and other music venues.

The ‘new gig’, however, is Brooks’n’Friends Entertainment Services (BNFES), a business owned and operated by David & his wife Cindy. David has always enjoyed having sit-ins by friends and other performers. Now he can help out all his musical pals by having them give spotlight performances in his shows or offering them to the business as a single, duo, trio, or other ensemble.

In his affiliation with others, BNFES provides entertainment for weddings, reception, fairs, festivals, corporate and holiday events and private parties. David is enjoying success in the business and hopes to expand this year and next into an interstate service.

David loves to play and sing — it is his spiritual joy and he invites you all to ‘come to the show!’

David’s motto is from the great rocker, Mr. Bob Seger: “Rock’n’roll never forgets!”

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