Peter Noble Keyboards, Lead Vocals

Peter Noble

Brooks’n’Friends is a growing group of musicians affiliated with David Brooks. A ‘Friend’ of Brooks’n’Friends is an specially talented artist who David has chosen to be a part of the ‘clan — artists working for and with each other.

Peter Noble is a true friend of David and Brooks’n”Friends. Peter is a phenomenal keyboard player and vocalist. Having worked for many years in the hot’n’heavy Nashville scene, Peter’s accompaniments are tempered with experience and sage musical sensibility and wisdom.

We have to tell you about Peter because he is simply too darned modest to tell himself. He is mature, soft-spoken, soft-hearted, intelligent, and a real joy to play with.

Whenever we bid on a 2-, 3- 4-piece ensemble, I almost always invite Peter.

We gladly welcome Peter Noble into the Brooks’n’Friends Hal of Fame. Glad to know ya, Pete!

Peter Noble does a lot more than just perform. He is a teacher and a sound and stage engineer.

You can find more about him at his website:

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